- Personalized, Enhancing, Supplementing

Some students just need a little something extra in order to perform to their potential. We offer a variety of personalized enrichment programs at our clinics that are designed to enhance and enrich student’s learning.

Programs offered for enrichment learners:

Discover Reading© Fast Track

This enrichment program is geared towards students who are performing near grade level with their reading and spelling, but just need exposure to the English suffixes and multi-syllable reading and spelling offered in our Discover Reading© Fast Track program.

Discover Meaning© Fast Track

The note-taking, summarizing, and study skills learned in the enrichment version of our comprehension program can serve to improve students’ grades. Discover Meaning© Fast Track focuses on the application of higher level comprehension skills to school-based material.

Discover Spelling©

The Reading Foundation is excited to offer a new spelling program offered in an engaging small group setting; a program rooted in solid research and with proven results.

Students are instructed in lessons providing precise letter-sound knowledge, the accurate sequencing of letter-sounds, and in fundamental English spelling patterns; all of which are essential skills for proficient spellers.

Key Features:

  • Individual spelling weaknesses are targeted and strengthened through a series of activities designed to improve spelling in isolation, spelling in context, and confidence when spelling in any situation
  • Students who learn how to efficiently spell words tend to improve their reading skills with those same words
  • Enrollment is offered year-round. Students attend twice per week (2 hours each day) to a total of 20 hours. They are placed in small groups of 2-4